CommUnity | *Workshop | Styling and Manipulation | Lucian Príeto Sánchez

CommUnity | *Workshop | Styling and Manipulation | Lucian Príeto Sánchez

30.01.2024 | 4 pm | CommUnity | *Workshop | Styling and Manipulation | Lucian Príeto Sánchez

Dear Black Community,

welcome to the *Workshop Styling and Manipulation Workshop for a styling 101 and art applications on garments and garment manipulation 101 with Lucian Príeto Sánchez (AFRO BODEGA) on 30.01.2024 from 4 pm at Togostr. 76 (Remise), 13351 Berlin.

The Styling and Manipulation Workshop is also a (bi-)weekly sewing course and community space where we come together, learn, exchange ideas and get to know our inner Sapeurs.

Sapeurs (or La Sape) take their name from the acronym of their group: SAPE, is a Congolese term and means “Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégantes” or “Society of People who create an Ambiance and Elegant People”.  In the Congolese movement “Sapologie”, clothing and its presentation is a religion. It reflects the personality of the person wearing it and being well dressed is a law!


Lucian Príeto-Sánchez is an Afro-Cuban Designer and Stylist focused on garment manipulation and its relationship to storytelling. He has been reworking clothes for over 2 years within his collective ‚AFROBODEGA’, where they created a community focused on sustainability in fashion and up-cycling. In his workshop he will share his knowledge and experiences within the fashion industry in order to educate the next generation in navigating their dreams as efficiently as possible.

Styling and Manipulation Workshop on 30.01.2024 from 4 pm at Togostraße 76 (Remise), 13351 Berlin. Please register via this Eventbrite-Link.

We're looking forward to see you there.


EOTOs x CommUnity


*Please be mindful of the fact that this event was conceptualized for People of African Descent in the context of the UN decade for People of African Descent. We kindly ask you to respect the self-denomination and any designated spaces that are associated with this.

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