CommUnity . *Workshop . Portfolio and CV Training

CommUnity . *Workshop . Portfolio and CV Training

09.05., 10.05. & 11.05.2023 | 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. | *WORKSHOP | CommUnity – Portfolio and CV Training


Learn how to keep your portfolio or CV up to date.

Keeping your portfolio be it a CV, Resume, Artistic portfolio, etc., up to date and improving your writing skills naturally supports the process of getting the new job and focuses your confidence and development.

In this workshops you will learn how to produce an effective writing. There will be many opportunities for practice and participants will receive both trainer and peer feedback on their performance. Participants will also be encouraged to prepare an action plan for their further development. Furthermore we will explore and interact within the scopes of interviewing in German for jobs by creating an interview format in skit and presentation.


09.05.23: Business Creative writing

• Intro to Cv, portfolio, Resume etc,

• Writing skills assessments

• Prompt exercises.

• Explore interests and needs - discuss artistic portfolios

10.05.23: Career strategies and planning

• Job Market and environment -Integration and introduction into the German work markets

• Learn how to write a CV/Resume in a way that is relevant and impactful

• Adapting language English/German

11.05.23: Finalising Application Writing

• Break out groups

• Listen to individual situations and responding to different scenarios.

• Understand common mistakes and how to avoid them (grammar, spelling, etc)

• Share and improve


Amora C. Bosco is a Kenyan writer, poet, multifaceted artist, performer and activist based in Berlin, Germany.

Her mission is to bring about empowerment and positive change in the lives of Africans and the African Diaspora, tackling issues of social justice, cultural intersections, health, and education through creative writing, storytelling, and performance art. Bosco has and continues to establish platforms that give voices and raise awareness for diverse issues /situations in the everyday life of the Black diasporic community. Her projects create safe spaces in order to encourage free and open dialogues enabling direct and effective change. Amora Bosco is the pioneer of ‚Poetry_Lab‘ an extensive creative writing mentorship program for BIPoC writers/poets in Berlin. An integral part of the program is the Poetry show-case events. As well as the co-founder of xpokenTv, a media platform that features live-streamed footage and creative-oriented programs that are artists focused and interactive therefore expanding their audiences.


Please note:

Bring your own laptops, if available!

If you need childcare please contact us until 04.05.2023 via eMail at


Learn how to keep your portfolio or CV up to date. On 09.05. & 10.05. & 11.05.2023, 10 am - 3 pm. Please register via this Eventbrite-Link:

We're looking forward to see you.

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*Diese Community-Veranstaltung ist im Rahmen der UN-Dekade für Menschen Afrikanischer Herkunft und als Raum für Menschen Afrikanischer Herkunft konzipiert. Wir bitten diese kollektive Selbstbezeichnung und die damit verbundenen Räume zu respektieren.

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