CommUnity . *Workshop . Law and human rights of African LGBTQI+ people

CommUnity . *Workshop . Law and human rights of African LGBTQI+ people

Thursdays, 13.07.2023 | 6 pm | *WORKSHOP | CommUnity – “Law and human rights in the struggle of African LGBTQI+ people“


“Law and human rights in the struggle of African LGBTQI+ people“ with NAMUPA SHIVUTE

Many people view human rights as the foundation of society and the guarantee of these rights to oppressed populations as progressive. Respect for human rights is often seen as a sign of a functioning democracy and is therefore highly valued by proponents of Western liberalism.Others say that the very idea of human rights arose in the context of systems that promote whiteness, stolen wealth, and private property and the eradication of pre-existing legal systems. Consequently, modern democracies often bring prosperity and freedom to some people and oppression and exploitation to others.

About Namupa Shivute

Namupa Shivute (they/them) is an African storyteller, researcher and freelance journalist from Namibia. Navigating through history, arts and education, Namupa explores Blackness and Queerness in the sociopolitics of the African diaspora. They use various media to tell marginalised stories through writing, filmmaking, music, community-based arts and other forms. Namupa’s critical thinking provides an important political and spiritual blend of the socialist and Pan-africanist experiences of their childhood, the 90s Hip Hop era of their teens, with influences from Afrofeminism, Black Consciousness, and the Queer and Abolitionist movements they encountered in adulthood. Their work has been featured by local Namibian publications like feminist outlet Sister Namibia, the former newspaper offshoot Observer Connect and political print media Southern Times of the southern region of Africa. They have also reached an international audience through features in Sweden’s biggest woman’s magazine Ottar with articles translated to Swedish, Germany-based Unbiasthenews and more. In 2020, Namupa was one of fifteen journalists selected globally by AWID (Association of Women in Development) for their impactful work and for the organisation’s pilot Feminist Journalist Program. Namupa also appeared as a panelist for various organisations e.g. the feminist advocacy organisation BlackWomenRadicals (USA) and as a speaker for the GIJC’s 18th African Investigative Journalist Conference in 2022.

You can register for the workshop to explore the struggle for the rights of African LGBTQI+ people and how it is affected by local and global legal systems here. The workshop will be held on Thursday, 13.07.2023 from 6 p.m. Please note: The workshop will be held in English!

We look forward to seeing you.
Yours EOTO x CommUnity


Please note: Events marked with *asterisks are Community Event in the framework of the UN Decade for People of African Descent (PAD) and designed as a space for people of African descent. We ask that you respect this collective self designation and the spaces associated with it.

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